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Minimum Standards for Rental Property

Blinds and Curtain Cord safety

Minimum Standards for Rental Property

As a part of the updated Tenancy Act, which came into effect as at August 1, 2015, a set of Minimum Standards have been specified which will be phased in over three years. These Minimum Standards regulate conditions and living standards for residential rental properties in Tasmania.


 An owner must not enter into, extend or renew a residential tenancy agreement unless the premises has or is:

  • Locks – have security devices necessary to keep the premises secure
  • Smoke Alarms – have a sufficient number of complient, properly fitted, functioning smoke alarms
  • Clean: are clear of dirt, mould, removable stains and unwanted matter.
  • In Good Repair (Non-structural): has no defects, fit to live in, reasonably secure and in compliance with health and safety laws.
  • Weatherproof and structurally sound: premises are in good repair, not significantly damp and not liable to collapse or otherwise be defective
  • In Good Repair / Fair Wear and Tear – During a Tenancy: this adds the responsibility to the owner to remedy items which are no longer in good repair. As an example, it is reasonable that after 10+ years a carpet ceases to be in good repair and an owner has to take steps to replace them.

REQUIRED AMENITIES: A premise must contain or have

  • Toilet: a functioning, flushable toilet, which is properly connected to a sewer or septic system, and is located in a suitable, ventilated room
  • Bathroom: a private room that comprises a washbasin, a shower, bath or both, all connected to a reasonable supply of hot and cold running water
  • Cooking Facilities: a separate kitchen or kitchen area with a functioning sink, stovetop and oven. The stovetop must have at least two hotplates in a premise of up to 2 bedrooms and 3 hotplates in a premise of 3 or more bedrooms. The oven can be a conventional oven, a convection oven, a microwave or a combination of any such ovens.
  • Electricity: a connection to a mains electricity supply or other device capable of providing sufficient power. All power points and wires of the electrical system must be safe and, unless noted in the condition report, functioning.
  • Lights: adequate lighting in every room, expect in a storage area or garage.
  • Heating: in the main living area, a fixed electric or gas heater or heat pump. Please note, the Residential Tenancy Commissioner must approve the use of an open fireplace, as a main heating source.
  • Window Covering: each window in a room, that is likely to be used as a bedroom or living area, covered by curtains or blinds for the purpose of protecting tenants’ privacy.
  • Ventilation: adequate ventilation provided to each room.