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Required Information


Before any application will be considered, you must achieve a minimum of 100 points of ID  & a current credit check for each applicant.

Current Credit Check:

It is our policy that all our prospective tenants obtain a personal and current credit check.

A credit check is a printout from a collection agency which shows a persons credit history. It is usual for everyone to have a credit history. Contrary to popular belief, the existence of a credit file is a good thing although of course, any overdue debts you have may show on the printout. If you are Tasmanian and have spent more than six months on the mainland, in the last seven years, you will need to also get a Mainland (Veda) credit check.

Options to obtaining your credit check 

  1. For both Tasmanian and Mainland credit checks, you can write to the appropriate address listed below and a copy will be provided free of charge and will take approximately 10 days.
  2. For both Tasmanian and Mainland credit checks, phone and pay by credit card and the credit check will be faxed through to you or it can be faxed directly to Harcourts Kingborough. 
  3. For Tasmanian credit checks only, Harcourts Kingborough can give you an application form that can be faxed directly to Tasmanian Collection Service.  It can be faxed directly back to Harcourts Kingborough.
  4. For Tasmanian credit checks only, you can attend the offices of Tasmanian Collection Services, located at the below address.
  5. For Mainland credit checks only, you can access the website at www.mycreditfile.com.au, and access your credit check from there.

For Tasmanian Residents

Mainland Residents

Tasmanian Collection Services



29 Argyle Street Hobart Tasmania 7000

Box 964, North Sydney, 2059


Phone: (03) 6213 5555

Phone: 1300 921 621


Fax: (03) 6234 2988

Fax:  (02) 9278 7303


The purpose of the credit check is to assist us in evaluating you ability and intention of meeting your rental payments. An unfavourable credit check will not necessarily mean that you cannot rent a property from us. However, the better your credit check, the better you chances are.

100 Points of ID :

Source (Circle the points you are the providing)




Birth Certificate


Drivers Licence


Medicare Card


Bank Card


Pension Card


Minimum 2 Written References from previous Landlord / Agent


Copy of Phone and or Power Accounts: each


Current Car/Motorbike Registration Papers


Current Bank Statement


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